Fire Alarm Servicing & Maintenance

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Our expert fire team are BAFE accredited to provide maintenance testing and servicing of fire alarm systems. It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that your fire alarm is fully operational and fault free.

As an accredited company we are able to ensure that your are complying with all your responsibilities. Once maintenance or servicing of your fire alarm system is completed we will provide a maintenance certificate for your records.

All our servicing & maintenance is in accordance with the latest UK regulations ensuring that you are legally compliant and covered for insurance purposes.

We are able to service all types of fire alarm systems including:

Electrical Vehicle Charging
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Intruder Alarm Servicing & Maintenance

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Our dedicated security team are able to provide servicing and maintenance for your intruder alarm system. It is recommended that intruder alarm systems should be serviced yearly to ensure that the system remains reliable and fault free.

Regular intruder alarm servicing helps to maintain the performance of an alarm system and make any adjustments to adapt to any changes in the surroundings.

A standard service would include visual inspection of all major components, checking all detectors, check any manually operated devices, check signalling and make any adjustments as necessary.

If your intruder alarm system is suffering from any problems such as false activations, difficulty in disarming, control panel faults or sensor lights flashing for prolonged periods a service would be recommended.

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