Alarms and security nurse call systems are designed to alert staff members to a patient requiring attention, easily and quickly displaying which patient has activated the system.

Overton also provide a wide range of services for the deaf and hard of hearing, including the supply and maintenance of induction loops to aid persons with hearing aids, plus vibrating and flashing beacons to alert the deaf and hard of hearing that a fire alarm or other alert has been raised.

To protect lone workers, we can provide you with a range of lone worker alarms, from “Man Down” alarms that detect if a member of staff has been knocked to the ground, to panic button systems to raise the alarm that a member of staff is in need of assistance. These systems can also be designed to allow an offsite worker to raise the alarm using mobile phone technology from (for example) the patients home, and raise the alarm back at a head office or control room. These units can also be fitted with tracking devices to allow response staff to locate the person in distress.

Our safety systems also include drown alarms. These systems actively monitor swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s for signs of a person in difficulty in water. If this is detected a loud local alert is generated. This alert can then be forwarded to members of staff via many different ways from pager systems, text alerts, or a network of sirens and strobe lights.

Our personal safety range is concluded with refuge and disability alarms. These systems can act as intercom systems to allow disabled persons to alert a central control point that a disabled person requires help in exiting a building.

These systems also include disabled toilet alarms to allow a disabled person to raise the alarm that they are in difficulty and require assistance within a certain area


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